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  • Part 1: Setting Up The Project In this tutorial I’ll show you how to start your Angular 5 Project from scratch and add Bootstrap 4 and the Firebase library to your application. This is the perfect application skeleton for your web application project. Setting Up The Angular Project First we need to setup an Angular project. This is done by using Angular CLI (https://cli.angular.io/). If you have not installed Angular CLI on your system first make sure that the command line interface is installed by executing the following command:
    Angular Bootstrap Firebase Created Tue, 18 Oct 2022 12:51:54 +0530
  • Q1. What is Angular 4 and how it differs from Angular 1.x? Q2. What is component decorators in Angular 4? The main objectives of decorators is to add some metadata to the class that will tell Angular 4 how to process a class. Or in another words, Decorators are functions that modify JavaScript classes. Angular has many decorators that attach metadata to classes so that it knows what those classes mean and how they should work.
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