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Assigning Delegates

Because delegates are reference types, you can change the reference contained in a delegate variable by assigning to it. The old delegate object will be disposed of by the garbage collector (GC) when it gets… Read More »Assigning Delegates

What Are Structs?

Structs are programmer-defined data types, similar to classes. They have data members and functionmembers. Although structs are similar to classes, there are a number of important differences. The mostimportant ones are the following:• Classes are… Read More »What Are Structs?

What Is a Delegate?

You can think of a delegate as an object that holds one or more methods. Normally, of course, you wouldn’t think of “executing” an object, but a delegate is different from a typical object. You… Read More »What Is a Delegate?

Arrays and Lists in C#

As a developer, you have certainly stored various collections within your applications, such as user data, books, and logs. One of the natural ways of storing such data is by using arrays and lists. However,… Read More »Arrays and Lists in C#