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How is safe to download torrents

What is Seedr is a torrent leeching online engine and a seed box that helps to download torrent files directly via browser instead of using any of the p2p network clients such as Utorrent, Bit-torrent. The problem facing in downloading a torrent might be the absence of seeds and the torrent’s age. If you want to download torrents that are three or more years old, probably the seeders of the Torrents are less in number or may be zero, which makes the torrent un-downloadable.

Homepage of Seedr

Seeding determines how strong the torrent is and how easy to download the torrent. Or in other words, seeding determines the life of a torrent. Seeders are broadcast contributors of the file, while leechers/leech shows the number of receivers or downloaders attached to a torrent. It requires a torrent client to access and download torrent files, and also, the number of seed is essential. Here where Seedr comes to play its role. Seedr helps to download torrent files with fewer seeds, even 1 or 2, and it also helps to download Torrent directly at higher speed without having a client.

Seedr is available at; accessing Seedr requires an account on A basic account will permanently store 2GB, which works as cloud storage of your torrent files.

How to add torrents to seedr?

There are several ways to add torrents to seedr. The site supports more than four ways

  • Upload torrent files to seedr
  • Copy and paste magnet URL of the Torrent
  • Copy and paste the webpage URL of the Torrent, which contains the .torrent file
  • Copy and paste the URL of the torrent file directly to seedr
  • Seedr extension is available for google chrome, which helps to add torrents to seedr directly from the page you visit

In these five methods, you can add torrents to seedr, and files will immediately become available on your cloud account for download.


Seedr has a built in zipper. You could download the entire torrent as a .zip file. It is also possible to download selected files from seedr as in the clients. You could download the entire torrent as a .zip file. It is also possible to download selected files from seedr as in the clients.

One of the best features of seedr is that it can easily stream torrent directly, where you can watch movies & shows right from the browser without downloading it. Seedr has an optimized streaming interface, which makes it available to all possible devices among mobiles. Apart from this, it also has an integration, which allows users to find and integrate subtitles to movies via Opensubtitles API. The only limitation in streaming is, a basic account has only a 360p streaming option, while HD streaming requires a premium plan.

Seedr comes with multiple file format support, which gives an instant preview, like a built-in audio player and E-book reader. All of the seedr’s traffic is encrypted.

Built-in E-Book reader on seedr

It’s better to have an account on seedr. Every file on your account is completely confidential, so it’s ultimately a private space to handle. Above the free level, Seedr also has several other paid plans which give more advantages.

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