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Are you feeling overburdened at work by the continual flow of messages?


Asking a question at the office entails getting up, walking, and tapping (and distracting) a coworker. This equates to switching pages and entering the inquiry into a chat program. Our desires to do so become stronger, and we begin to reach out even for trivial issues that would normally be resolved with an internet search or a team wiki.

You are not required to be always online.

The constant idea of accessibility generates an open loop in your thoughts. It's tough to stay focused on your work when this happens. It affects the completion of critical tasks.

Less regularly, check chat and email.

The simplest solution is to exit your chat app and fully disable all alerts. I only check these messages a few times a day - at set intervals, before and after meetings, at the conclusion or beginning of the day, and so on.

Tell your coworkers that you'll be monitoring messages on a regular basis and how they may reach you in an emergency. On my Microsoft Teams app, I have the following status message.

I'm just going to check my mails every couple of hours. Call me here on Teams/phone if it's an emergency or you're having trouble with your work.

This has allowed me to concentrate more on my job, and I've only had to phone on a few occasions.

Apps for team communication and chat are designed to assist you in getting your work done efficiently. Make use of programs in ways that will help you work more efficiently.

Make the most of your applications by using them strategically and to your benefit.

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